First Impressions


You all know how important first impressions can be. Whether you’re meeting your future in-laws for the first time, interviewing for a new job, meeting new people/colleagues, etc., you want to be the best you.

When people come to your home, shouldn’t the first room they enter be the best as well? You want your entry to really be the window into what your guests will expect for the rest of the home. It is also a space where I think you can have a little fun as well, and maybe show off your personality.

My entry since we have lived here in this home (18 years) has gone through some changes and it never felt right… until now.

entry before.jpg

This is what it looked like before. We have a decent size entry with high ceilings. I did like my plaid Dash and Albert rug but everything else was sort of blah. I needed the entry to really pop, as most of my house is white.

I had been thinking of using wallpaper but just couldn’t commit to one. Then I saw the removable wallpaper designed by the Novogratz and I just loved the pattern, colors and COST!

steward of design seattle interior designer novogratz wallpaper.jpg
novogratz wallpaper.jpg
entry with bench.jpg
serena and lily mirror.jpg
entry wallpaper large mirror.jpg

I decided to also trade out the table which was really too small for the space and add a bench. This bench is from World Market. Also added a very large mirror which the wall really needed. I love the texture this one from Serena and Lily brings to the space. I also bought our rug from Serena and Lily as well. It is an indoor/outdoor rug and it is amazingly soft. It has been super easy to clean as well. Great for an entry! This one is called the Seaview Rug in Earth.

About the wallpaper.. like I said it’s removable. You might be thinking, “isn’t all wallpaper removable?” Well, yes but removable means its like a sticker almost. You just cut the wallpaper to size, peel off the backing and stick onto the wall, voila! It’s not quite that easy as you have to line up the pattern and make sure it’s straight, etc. The bonus too is it peels right off, no scraping and steaming necessary. Even as we were putting in on, if we were a little off and had to adjust we gently peeled off and reapplied. I don’t know how many times you can do that, so be careful to not do it too many times so it doesn’t lose it’s stick.

On the bottom of the chair rail we also put wallpaper. It may be hard to see but its paintable wallpaper in a bead board texture. That was not a removable wallpaper, and we had apply this the traditional way by wetting the back of the wallpaper and putting it on the wall. You can find this at Lowe’s online or Amazon.

By adding the wallpaper your eye is really drawn up and I feel the height of the ceiling really is more prominent now. Also, my just doing the top half, it doesn’t make the room too busy or too dark.

To me the entry now just feels happy.

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